Friday, 24 June 2011

Yellow Rice!!

Ta daaa. . . .

And here it is - my vegetable pilaf. I'd never taken the time to figure out how to make rice yellow before (it just tastes better yellow) and last night I found out, although it's 50/50 as to whether it was the Cumin or the Tumeric?

Anyway, yeah it was bloody lovely! Baby Sweetcorn, Broccoli, Onion, Red & Yellow Peppers, Spring Onion and Garlic!

Apparently this is half the points of a microwave meal, tasted a hell of a lot nicer and only took half an hour to make - score!

I think next on the agenda for blog posts will be . . . The skirts that hopefully I'll attempt to make at some point this weekend!

Now I'm off to help solve a crime with Alex on L.A. Noire

Peace y'all

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