Thursday, 30 June 2011

Animal Magic

I thought I would do a nice quick post just to show off some of the things I've been wearing this week, trying to brighten up my mostly mundane life!

This is another Temporary:Secretary treat from my goody bag. I like to think of it as 'My Lovely Horse'

And this next one is more about the nails. . . Barry M - bloody love the stuff! I was discussing when I win the lottery how I'm going to walk into a Superdrug store and just walk off with the Barry M cart.

Now unfortunately, I can't tell you either of the colour names as I've had them so long everything has rubbed off apart from the numbers (Yellow: 134 & Pink: 272)

I'm sure you'll have noticed my other Temporary:Secretary piece - the Owl ring! I've often debated wearing my owl jumper, hair grips and ring to see if anyone would point it out or just think I was mental!

So, I'm done - again!!

Peace y'all

P.S I may be quiet over the weekend as I'm going home to get a tattoo and see the family, hopefully I'll get a good Sunday Roast out of it!


  1. I love Barry M aswell. Do you think we're wearing the same yellow nails (in my post last week). If so, the shade is called Lemon Ice Cream!

    I'm going to put your link up on our Press blog, keep an eye out for it on the "Blog We Love" page. xxx

  2. It is possibly the same, I'm not sure how many shades of yellow Barry M do, and as I said there, I've had it so long that the descriptions have rubbed off! :(

    Just got some lovely ones last week, Lilac and Raspberry colours, I think I need them all!!

    And I will keep an eye out for it! Thanks :)


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