Sunday, 31 July 2011

Official Logo

Well then, for those of you that have shown and interest in Wolf Among Sheep I can now reveal our beautiful logo(s) that have been designed by the amazing Helen . . .

Aren't they cute?

I'd just like to say a quick thanks to those few who have offered advice, tips and encouragement, it means a lot! Hopefully you won't have to wait much longer for me to start selling!

Stay tuned. . .

Peace y'all

Monday, 25 July 2011

Sneaky previews. . . .

And there you have it! The first four materials purchased for Wolf Among Sheep skirts!

As you can see there is a black and white gingham material, a red and white stripey jersey material, red and white polka dot chiffon-esque material and a blue spotty type with red telephones and clocks on it!

So far three have been made up. . . So if any of you would prefer a skirt in a particular material then send me a message and tell me what size to make it!!

Everything is running pretty smoothly at the minute, a logo is in the process of being drawn, the pieces are coming together nicely. . . Hope you're all as excited as I am!!

Hope you approve of the material choices and don't forget to spread the word! Follow us here WolfAmongSheep1

Peace y'all

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Poorly drawn ideas. . .

I thought that instead of just talking about what is going to be made for Wolf Among Sheep that I would (crudely) put together a couple of sketches of the design I'm going for initially.

So here they are. . . And as was implied above, they aren't the best!

These are both pleated skirts with a thick elastic waist band. . . Obviously these pictures don't give away a whole lot, but you get the idea?

I'm off shopping this weekend to buy a range of fabrics, so expect: spotty, stripey, plain, longer lengths, shorter lengths, bright & bold, plain & simple and well, any other patterns that take my fancy. I have two so far in spots and stripes!

Any comments/ideas/Do's and Don'ts on these are welcome!

Peace y'all

Monday, 18 July 2011

Wolf Among Sheep. . .

Well then. . . I suppose I should really explain myself!

I've basically decided after making a few things up last week that I should perhaps, make up a few more skirts and sell them!

I got quite a few comments when I wore mine and thought "Why the hell not?" I can sew, I enjoy it and why not maybe try and make some money doing so!

Style wise I'll probably stick to a similar style to begin with, in a variety of patterns and colours, see which work best and such, then maybe I'll venture into other styles and items.

Obviously, if no one buys anything then I'll consider myself a total failure, but for now I'm content with wishful thinking.

So for the time being there will be a lot of 'coming soon' or 'check here for updates' tweets until I have enough stock made up in a variety of patterns before I'll actually start to sell.

I hope that you'll support this venture of mine, tell all your friends and yeah, just keep checking for updates here WolfAmongSheep1

Peace y'all

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Hanging by a thread?

Thought I would start this blog with a nice little sewing pun there, see if it gives you a slight clue as to what this post will be about. . . .

Yup, you guessed it, last Thursday I dug out my sewing machine from the depths of the wardrobe, dusted it down and got on with some serious business.

My new skirts!

I know the picture doesn't really do either of them much justice, I just couldn't bring myself to put them on and pose!

For these two I basically used an old Primark dress I'd worn once (Stripey: right) and a skirt I bought many many years ago that the zip had broken and the stitching on the waist was loose (Polka Dotty: left) cut them to the length I wanted and pinned them to some thick white elastic!

Once I'd sewn them onto the elastic and made a nice clean seam they were done! I now have two NEW skirts for my wardrobe and spent, well actually I spent nothing as someone else bought the elastic for me and wouldn't take any money for it!

I've got a few other peices lying around my bedroom now that would probably also look good as skirts - I'll keep you posted!!

Peace y'all

Monday, 11 July 2011

Camping Trip

Sorry for the delay in posting! I had quite a busy week last week, or maybe I was just being lazy!

I did manage to take advantage of the New Look Facebook deal last week and got myself a nice cami dress for . . . . £1 - Yes, one whole pound!!

Anyway, as the post title mentions - I went camping this weekend in Rossendale, the picture below is of where we were camped for the evening.

Activities on Saturday included, BBQ-ing, chilling out listening to music and generally having a nice time!

Although, no dipping in the water because six days earlier a body was found here!!

It still looked nice though, and when we I took this picture it must have been the first time in a long while that I didn't hear anything, total silence, it was quite special!

Alrighty then, next post I'll get some images of the skirts I made on Thursday! Recycling old dresses and skirts into something I would actually wear.

Peace y'all

Monday, 4 July 2011

Long Weekend!

Ahhh, so I'm back!

I've had a lovely long weekend at home visiting family & friends, getting a tattoo, watching the boxing and then a nice day out in Whitby today. Even if the weather was a little overcast, had fun buying chips, Lucky Ducks and silly postcards.

This week, I really will pull my finger out and attempt to do some sewing, honestly I will - even if it is just for blogging material!

Peace y'all