Monday, 18 July 2011

Wolf Among Sheep. . .

Well then. . . I suppose I should really explain myself!

I've basically decided after making a few things up last week that I should perhaps, make up a few more skirts and sell them!

I got quite a few comments when I wore mine and thought "Why the hell not?" I can sew, I enjoy it and why not maybe try and make some money doing so!

Style wise I'll probably stick to a similar style to begin with, in a variety of patterns and colours, see which work best and such, then maybe I'll venture into other styles and items.

Obviously, if no one buys anything then I'll consider myself a total failure, but for now I'm content with wishful thinking.

So for the time being there will be a lot of 'coming soon' or 'check here for updates' tweets until I have enough stock made up in a variety of patterns before I'll actually start to sell.

I hope that you'll support this venture of mine, tell all your friends and yeah, just keep checking for updates here WolfAmongSheep1

Peace y'all

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