Monday, 11 July 2011

Camping Trip

Sorry for the delay in posting! I had quite a busy week last week, or maybe I was just being lazy!

I did manage to take advantage of the New Look Facebook deal last week and got myself a nice cami dress for . . . . £1 - Yes, one whole pound!!

Anyway, as the post title mentions - I went camping this weekend in Rossendale, the picture below is of where we were camped for the evening.

Activities on Saturday included, BBQ-ing, chilling out listening to music and generally having a nice time!

Although, no dipping in the water because six days earlier a body was found here!!

It still looked nice though, and when we I took this picture it must have been the first time in a long while that I didn't hear anything, total silence, it was quite special!

Alrighty then, next post I'll get some images of the skirts I made on Thursday! Recycling old dresses and skirts into something I would actually wear.

Peace y'all


  1. I really really like that last photo!
    so darkly beautiful

  2. Thanks! I have some others somewhere that are beautiful too, was such a lovely place!!


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