Thursday, 21 July 2011

Poorly drawn ideas. . .

I thought that instead of just talking about what is going to be made for Wolf Among Sheep that I would (crudely) put together a couple of sketches of the design I'm going for initially.

So here they are. . . And as was implied above, they aren't the best!

These are both pleated skirts with a thick elastic waist band. . . Obviously these pictures don't give away a whole lot, but you get the idea?

I'm off shopping this weekend to buy a range of fabrics, so expect: spotty, stripey, plain, longer lengths, shorter lengths, bright & bold, plain & simple and well, any other patterns that take my fancy. I have two so far in spots and stripes!

Any comments/ideas/Do's and Don'ts on these are welcome!

Peace y'all

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  1. I really like the skirt in the second drawing! Would it be more high-waisted and 'skater skirt' style? Just cos I've been looking for a nice skirt like that for ages! Haha :)

    Rhiannon xo


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