Sunday, 14 October 2012

DIY Projects Pt 2

Hi All!

Just thought I'd do another quick post with some new DIY Canvases I've been doing.

I also want to post a picture of an awesome canvas I'm waiting to be delivered!

So first things first here are two of the three canvases I've done today using:

- Three small blank canvas
- Acrylic paint in black & white
- Safari Animals
- Superglue

So yeah, I think it's pretty self explanatory what I did there (just waiting for number three animals to dry now, white animals on a black background)

All of these DIY projects I'm doing will hopefully contribute on decorating the house that we're hoping to find and move into after Christmas, we may have very little furniture but at least the walls will look nice!

And for our newest addition we are awaiting delivery of this map of the world from

I'm so excited for this to get here - even if we currently don't have anywhere to hang a 30" x 40" canvas . . . Oh well it can wait!

Peace y'all

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