Thursday, 4 August 2011

Owls & Eagles . . .

I thought I would deviate from the latest line of blog posts and do one on some of the things I've recently been up to!

I'll be quiet over the weekend as I'm off to a festival with Alex! Hevy Festival in Kent, on a wildlife park!! Very, very excited for a four day weekend and some loud music!

On another note, here is a new necklace I bought last week, total bargain at £3 from a shop called Rowfers in Afflecks

Also, thought I would show another picture of a necklace a friend bought me for my birthday a while back, I love it!

Finally, hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and fingers crossed the weather is glorious!

Peace y'all


  1. Aw, thanks for your comment Ashley, it made my day!

    I'm really excited for your shop by the way, let me know when you're ready to launch and I'll add you to the directory. You can email me at Good luck with everything!

    Julia xx

  2. that owl necklace is gorgeous, reminds me of a ring I did the post I did before last, and so is the other one. the fest sounds amazing, hope you have a nice time! x

    ramz and the flock

  3. Thanks Julia, I will let you know as soon as I get it up and running - it's taken a bit of a back seat this week been busy getting ready for this festival! Usually have a few months, not a week to prepare!!

    And Beth, the owl necklace is lovely, I was so shocked that it was only £3, you should have a look at the site the jewellery is lovely, and fairly cheap! The £9 ones are quite big too, really lovely stuff!



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